Survey on knowledge gaps and needs of the construction ecosystem

The New European Bauhaus Academy Pioneer Hub for Sustainable Built Environments with Renewable Materials (NEBAP Hub) of the University of Primorska aims to accelerate the decarbonisation of homes and buildings in Europe and beyond.

Therefore, NEBAP Hub is developing trainings and upskilling of the ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering) professionals, citizens and cultural actors, policy makers, students and educators, investors, insurers, and standardisation bodies. In order to be efficient and tailored to specific needs, a survey on knowledge gaps and needs of the construction ecosystem throughout Europe was prepared. It is available in 17 languages of the European Union.

The survey has been developed by the NEBAP Hub of the University of Primorska (Slovenia) in collaboration with InnoRenew CoE (Slovenia), Czech Technical University in Prague (Czechia), Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), InnovaWood (Belgium), Bauhaus Earth (Germany), University of Sopron (Hungary), University of Florence (Italy), Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry (Latvia), Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Slovakia), Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), Danish Technological Institute (Denmark), Xyhlo Biofinish (Neatherlands) and RISE (Sweden).

We invite you to complete the survey at: