We are proud to jointly celebrate Business at OECD 60th anniversary this year

As Business at OECD national member organization representing Slovenia, we are proud to jointly celebrate its 60th anniversary this year.

In 1962, BIAC formally began its journey as the official business voice to the OECD. After 6 decades promoting strategic dialogue and policy impact, Business at OECD’s global reach spans over 55 national business and employer organizations from OECD and non-OECD countries and brings businesses of all sizes and sectors to the table.
Business at OECD contributes to the wide range of OECD strategic and policy efforts through strong engagement from its global network, including Združenje delodajalcev Slovenije ZDS - Association of Employers of Slovenian business through us.

We invite you to browse a special Business at OECD 60th anniversary brochure (attachment on the left).