Council of presidents BUSINESSEUROPE declaration with seven priorities before French presidency

Five weeks ahead of the start of the French Presidency of the European Union, the Council of Presidents of BusinessEurope gathered in Paris at the invitation of MEDEF.

The Presidents of BusinessEurope’s 40 member federations defined their priorities for the French Presidency. They reaffirmed European companies’ commitment to work for a lasting recovery as well as their attachment to the fundamental values of the EU and the rule of law.

They discussed seven issues of crucial importance for the future of the millions of small, medium and large European enterprises they represent:

1. Restoring the economy to deliver lasting growth and employment
2. Addressing supply shortages and inflation risks
3. Climate ambitions and industrial competitiveness working hand-in-hand
4. Innovation-friendly regulation is crucial for digitalisation too
5. Ensuring that EU financial sector is able to finance the recovery as well as the green and digital transitions
6. Putting in place workable requirements on due diligence and sustainable corporate governance
7. Sustainable and rules-based trade is key to sustain the economic recovery

These seven issues will be at the heart of the agenda of the future French Presidency of the European Union. The present declaration sets out the key messages given to the future French Presidency on these seven issues.